TeenTech makes science inspirational

Judith Bunting and Maggie Philbin meet young people at TeenTech event, July 2013 (Louise Bellaers)

Local celebrity and presenter of Tomorrow’s World and BBC One’s Bang Goes the Theory, Maggie Philbin, was in Berkshire last week promoting an event that travels the UK inspiring young people about careers in science, engineering and technology.

Judith Bunting, Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Newbury and West Berkshire, went along to find out how it works.

TeenTech has been running in the Thames Valley for four years. The event is organised by local Education Business Partnerships working in collaboration with Maggie’s TeenTech team. Over that time they have been able to reach over 1,500 young students and teachers, and make them aware of the diverse and exciting career possibilities in science, engineering and technology.

Commenting, Judith Bunting (pictured above, second right) said: “I am passionate about both education and science, so I find this project exciting on a personal level. Traditionally, science, engineering and technology have been seen as a bit geeky, so I think it’s great that this programme is helping to dispel those myths.”

Judith went on to say: “Liberal Democrats recognise the importance of meeting future employers’ needs by ensuring the next generation is suitably skilled. The M4 corridor is often dubbed England’s “Silicon Valley,” so we really must invest now to reap positive returns in the future.”

Judith Bunting tries out AWE's super-sensitive infrared camera
Judith Bunting tried out AWE’s super-sensitive infrared camera


Commenting further, Judith said: “Maggie’s Teen Tech is a shining example of how visionary leadership can inspire young people about making affirmative career choices. I’m confident that it will also help safeguard the future of the local economy, as it will ensure that West Berkshire has a smart, savvy and tech-aware workforce in the 21st century.”

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