Dyslexia in West Berkshire

 I was delighted to join with dyslexia specialist, Jacqui Flisher (below) to organise the Dyslexia – The Big Picture event at Sheepdrove, recently. Many thanks to everyone who came along. The evening kicked off with a showing of James Redford’s documentary, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia and this was followed by a panel discussion. It was great to hear about the successes of high flyers and to be reminded that people living with dyslexia span the full ability range.

Sheepdrove Dyslexia Event, Panel line-up, L-R: Lord Addington, VPres the British Dyslexia Association; Gary Smith, CEO of Brainbook Ltd; Jacqui Flisher, local Dyslexia Specialist; Judith Bunting, Chair; Inspector Chris Ward, Training Manager at Thames Valley Police; Claire Malpas, Institute of Mechanical Engineers.
I also recently had the opportunity to visit the Accelerated Education Unit at Trinity School and to meet Gaynor Davies and the amazing teaching team there. The unit is open to all students with dyslexia, from all across West Berkshire. The work the students I met were putting in and results they’re achieving are impressive.
It is vitally important that services like these exist so we can continue to create opportunity for all children, no matter who they are or what their background is.
I was delighted to meet Cathy Howells, teacher at the Trinity School Accelerated Education Unit, and some of the students, there.
I have signed a petition asking the government to save Disabled Students’ Allowance, which affects students with dyslexia, who are deaf, as well as those with a physical disability. 
If you would like to sign also, click here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/63748

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