The Royal Society’s vision for Education

Judith Bunting meets A level physics students at Trinity School
Judith Bunting meets A level physics students at Trinity School



The Royal Society recently published their vision for Science and Maths Education in the UK. The report – focusses on the need to raise the general level of mathematical and scientific knowledge among school leavers. “A focus on ‘teaching to the test'”, the report says, “Results in a narrow curriculum that impoverishes young people’s breadth and balance of learning.”

The report also highlights the need for stability in both the curriculum and assessment, to allow teachers the space required to innovate in their teaching.

Judith Bunting commented, “This report is a very sensitve and welcome focus on the needs of science and technical education. After a recent visit to meet some of Trinity School’s A level Science students, I was hugely impressed at the range of projects they had underway and the scope they had to get to grips with cutting edge science. The enthusiasm of students like these gives me great hope for the future.”

The Royal Society’s ambition for the next 20 years of science and mathematics education is that it should enable people to make informed choices, empower them to shape scientific and technological developments, and equip them to work in an advanced economy.


To assist schools and teachers who wish to pursue ambitious science, maths and engineering subjects, The Royal Society offers a scheme of Partnership Grants.

Partnership Grants provide funding of up to £3,000 for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) projects run at a primary or secondary school or college in partnership with a professional scientist or engineer. Since 2000, the scheme has awarded over £1.3 million to 770 schools and colleges, and has ignited enthusiasm for science among young people across the UK. Find out all the information you need to apply to the scheme.

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