WB: Lack of affordable houses is a scandal

Taceham House in Thatcham, empty for ~6 years. With Owen Jeffery, Dep Leader, Thatcham Town Council, and David Rendel, Cllr for Thatcham Central.
Taceham House in Thatcham, empty for ~6 years. 

Recently the Newbury Weekly News published an update to the housing debate that’s going on across West Berkshire (NWN 13th October 2014).

We have two main problems regarding housing in West Berks. One is the prioritisation of greenfield sites over brownfield sites.  WBC has displayed no urgency in this matter. The London Road Industrial Estate is one case in point. The DPD notes that before this huge site can be considered there needs to be “an objective assessment of the needs for housing and employment growth”. I do not dispute this. I do, however, ask why this assessment has not taken place already. How long has the Tory team been running this Council?

The second problem concerns affordable homes. These are in desperately short supply in West Berkshire. The lack of forethought displayed by the Council Executive in this matter displays either a) complacency or b) a lack of understanding of the needs of our area.

The article on the Newbury Weekly News website, today (13th Oct) sums up my thoughts pretty accurately. How can affordable units at Parkway still be allowed to stand empty? It is, as the headline says, a scandal.

The full article from William Walker can be read, here: http://www.newburytoday.co.uk/2014/lack-of-affordable-houses-in-west-berkshire-is-a-scandal-says-newbury-candidate

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