Makes me proud: extreme Tory policies blocked

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With May approaching, I thought I would share my personal list of the more extreme Tory policies that have been blocked by our Lib Dem Ministers in government. You will recognise some of them, as they make there way back onto the agenda in the Tory Manifesto, this time around. It makes me rather pleased there’s been Lib Dem influence at work in government since 2010 keeping the Coalition in the centre ground:

  • Running Schools for profit
  • Inheritance tax cuts for millionaires
  • Ditching the Human Rights Act
  • Firing workers at will, without any reasons given
  • Scrapping housing benefit for young people
  • Weakening the protections in the Equalities Act
  • Closing down the debate on Trident
  • Scrapping Natural England
  • Holding back green energy
  • Stopping geography teachers telling children about how we can tackle climate change
  • The snoopers’ charter (draft communications data bill)
  • Freezing Public Sector pay for 6 years
  • Theresa May’s plans to impose new immigration regulations on private landlords
  • Regional pay penalising public sector workers in the north
  • Proposals to block future onshore wind farms
  • Parliamentary boundary changes
  • New childcare ratios
  • Bringing back O-levels
  • A two-tier education system

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