Remembrance Sunday: The Poppy Factory

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Remembrance Sunday seems a nice time to share photos from the visit I made earlier this year to the Poppy Factory, with Stephanie Steevenson of Thatcham’s British Legion.

If you haven’t visited The Poppy Factory, I do heartily recommend it. This is where so many of the poppies we are wearing today will have been made. The human side of the Factory is positive and up lifting. I also found that seeing the so familiar poppy shapes being cut and assembled amazingly poignant.

The vision of The Poppy Factory, a separate charity from the Legion, is that “no disabled veteran who wants to work should be out of work”. As well as providing work for disabled veterans at the Factory HQ, the team uses its unique expertise to help its clients find work with many commercial organisations all over the UK. Sometimes salaries are covered by the charity for their first year of employment. If you think you could welcome a veteran onto your team, please contact the team on 020 8939 1861 or see current-employers-3.html for further details. The Poppy Factory says: “Having valiantly served their country, we think they deserve it.”



The Legion groups in Newbury and Thatcham are both very active. The club is open to everyone* not just current or ex-service personnel. Under 65 – £27.50 per person per year. Over 65   – £23.50 per person per year: Newbury Royal British Legion

The Thatcham branch of the Royal British Legion meets in the Thatcham Football Club on the third Tuesday of the month. New members are always welcome: Thatcham Royal British Legion.

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