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The Newbury and West Berks team is working to support the Lib Dem commitment to put treatment for mental health conditions in line with other NHS services. The more signatures we get for the petition, above, the stronger our voice will be.

THE SOLUTION: In government Lib Dems have prioritised mental healthcare. Already we have:

  • introduced a legal duty on the NHS to promote parity of esteem for mental health.
  • invested £400m to increase access to talking therapies.
  • put through changes which mean that, from April 2015, most patients who need talking therapies – for conditions like depression – will be guaranteed the treatment they need in as little as six weeks, with a maximum wait of 18 weeks.

Now we want to go further. We are tackling the unacceptable practice of holding some young people with severe mental ill-health in a police cell as a “place of safety” and in the Department of Health, Norman Lamb is also working to  increase access to talking therapies for children and young people. A Liberal Democrat government would also establish a mental health research fund to support the development of new cutting-edge mental health treatments.

Why is this action necessary?

THE PROBLEM: The problem is that Labour introduced a lot of targets for health service provision (waiting times, right to chose, internal NHS payment system) and in each case missed out mental health. We are living with the consequences of these big decisions – the combination of intense pressure to meet waiting time standards AND paying for every patient sucks money into acute hospitals and away from mental health. 

This is why the Lib Dem success in securing the first ever waiting time and access standards from next year (with a clear plan to roll out comprehensive standards across mental health over next five years) is so important. It finally delivers real equality for mental health.
What we are doing is to legislate for parity – or equality for mental health. And believe me, this would not have happened with Norman Lamb in the driving seat. 

Please sign the petition if you would like to stamp out mental health stigma:

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