Care in West Berks – Meeting with Care Minister Norman Lamb, MP

2015-02-09 16.57.46

LOCAL NEWS: It was a pleasure, last week, to meet up with our Care Minister, Norman Lamb MP (see photo, above, with Jeff Brooks, Cllr Thatcham West).

I am pleased to support the changes Norman is bringing into the care system, including the extension of care services to everyone whose need qualifies as ‘substantial’ as opposed to just ‘critical’. This is a really positive change – especially in a place like West Berkshire, where we want our increasingly ageing population to stay healthy, successful and engaged in society.

A couple of years ago, I spent time with a supporter, Sybil, and the team at the Hungerford Resource Centre. I was hugely impressed with the staff, the care they gave and the facilities provided. The only trouble was, there were about 6 older people attending in a lovely building that could easily accommodate many more.

Changing care provision to cater for those in ‘substantial’ need as well as ‘critical’ will make sure these facilities – like those at the Phoenix Centre and elsewhere – are used to their best. It will also help many older people across Newbury and West Berks who are currently very worried about their futures.


(ps: Quotation marks, above, ‘….’, designate technical terms, not meant to imply doubt or derision.)

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