Save the NHS – Lib Dem plans

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Judith Bunting with Norman Lamb, Minister for Health, at Westminster earlier this year.

In January, the Liberal Democrats set out costed plans to safeguard the NHS for the future. 

NHS funding will increased by at least £8bn per year in real terms by 2020. To achieve this boost in funding by 2020/21, Liberal Democrats will do three things:

1) We will baseline into the budget of the NHS, the additional that Liberal Democrats secured in the Autumn Statement for 2015/16.

2) In addition to this funding we will invest a further £1bn in real terms in 2016/17, as we set out at our Autumn Conference. This will be paid for by capping pensions tax relief for the richest pensioners (saving 500m), aligning dividend tax with income tax for those earning more than £150,000 (saving £400m) and scrapping the Conservative shares for rights scheme (saving £100m).

3) Once we have finished the job of tackling the deficit in 2017/18, we will increase health spending in line with growth in the economy to achieve £8bn per year in real terms by 2020.

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