Bus Routes Cuts – Do they affect you?

east-ilsley-and-compton-bus-shelter-water-table-full-010413-010gdConservatives in West Berkshire plan to reduce the amount that we pay in subsidies to public transport operators. They currently provide around £1.4m each year in supporting local bus services and are seeking to reduce this by £320,000 next year.

DOES THIS AFFECT YOU? Write to Judith.Bunting@wbld.org.uk

The following services are likely to be withdrawn entirely over the next 12 months:

75 – Beech Hill to Newbury

90 – Hungerford to Lambourn

105 – Newbury/Aldermaston/Tilehurst

154 – Beech Hill to Reading

The following services are also likely to be severely affected: 

3 – Newbury to Hungerford

4 – Newbury to Lambourn

6/6A – Newbury to Compton circular service

101 – Newbury/Bradfield/Tilehurst

104 – Newbury/Brimpton/Tilehurst

107 – Downlands villages

The following services also depend on Council funding, many with additional funding from neighbouring authorities, town or parish councils. These services may also be reviewed:

2 – Newbury to Wash Common

8 – Newbury to Greenham

20/22/46 – Hungerford to Marlborough / Swindon

28 – Purley to Reading

82 – Great Shefford to Wantage

90 – Lambourn to Swindon

102 – Newbury to Thatcham

143 – Upper Basildon to Reading

H1 – Hungerford circular

The Council is also considering other changes to transport provision following a “Total Transport” review which is due to report to central government in 2016/17. This may have an impact on other areas including: 

Bus stop infrastructure (eg real time passenger information)

Community Transport

The Concessionary Fares Scheme

 DOES THIS AFFECT YOU? Write to Judith.Bunting@wbld.org.uk

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