Open Letter to the voters of Newbury

Elizabeth O’Keefe at the traffic disaster which is Boundary Road

Dear Voters,

Today we have a by-election in Victoria Ward in Newbury (see map, below). I write with a few facts to encourage everyone who wants stronger opposition to the Conservatives in Newbury and West Berkshire to vote for Elizabeth O’Keeffe.

At the last election, the top Liberal Democrat candidate in Victoria lost to the Tories by only 3 votes. The only Labour candidate lost by 402 votes. No other party stood.

If you want to see stronger opposition to the Tories, the message is clear:  vote for Elizabeth O’Keeffe the Lib Dem Candidate in today’s by-election. 

Elizabeth O’Keeffe has lived in Newbury Town for more than thirty years – if you live in Victoria her issues are yours, your issues are hers. As a Town Councillor in the past, Elizabeth was one of the best; a representative who paid attention to people’s needs and went out of her way to help.

So, today in Victoria, please encourage debate in Newbury Town, send a message to Conservatives district-wide, and vote for Elizabeth O’Keeffe.

With all Best Wishes,



Judith Bunting
Parliamentary Spokesperson
Liberal Democrats
Newbury and West Berkshire

  1. Map of Victoria Ward. If you live in Victoria, you can vote for Elizabeth TODAY:
  2. Victoria Ward map

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