Vote with us (not them!). Vote Remain on June 23rd.

I should apologise for not having written much about the EU Referendum so far, but that’s down to life, not a lack of conviction.

I have no doubts that Britain will be better off IN. Europe may not be perfect, but I want to  be inside the tent, working for reform, rather than outside like Norway or Switzerland who accept EU rules and regulations in exchange for access to the single market and yet have, as they say, no seat at the table. 

I celebrate the increased trade our membership brings. I don’t care about big business per se, but I love the jobs international companies bring to Britain. Today even Rolls Royce are backing Remain, saying “If Brexit occurs there will almost inevitably be a period of uncertainty and uncertainty is what we can’t cope with”.

After more than 40 years as part of Europe’s economic club, from EC to EU, Britain is the 5th or 9th largest economy in the world – not bad, whichever you choose as your benchmark.

I want my children to benefit from the open borders and increase in opportunities that comes with membership of the EU. I’m also not willing to risk the unemployment or the recession that may follow any Brexit.

So – please – Vote with us. Vote Remain on June 23rd.

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