Local Business – Brexit Consultation at Shaw House with Lord Newby


On Thursday 17th November, Lord Newby, former spokesman for Her Majesty’s Treasury in the Lords, will be in Newbury to find out how our local businessmen and women think Brexit is going to affect their trade. He will also give us an update re what’s going on behind the scenes in parliament.

This visit is part of the National Brexit Consultation being run by Liberal Democrats across Britain. I want to be sure the concerns of businesses in Newbury and West Berkshire are included in this mix.

Of course, Liberal Democrats continue to believe that Britain is better off in Europe, but our immediate priority is to make sure British business does not pay the price of a rushed withdrawal. Whichever you voted in the Referendum, you will be welcome. I am keen to make sure all views in our area are represented.

The results of the National Consultation will be drawn to the attention of Theresa May and her colleagues as part of our challenge to government, as they negotiate the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
Whether you run a care home, a pub or a café, whether you are a baker, a racehorse trainer, a tech expert or a publisherI want to know what worries you about Brexit, or what pleases you. Or perhaps you are torn, with business results working against your principals – and I have met one or two people like that, where they sell goods abroad and are doing quite well out of the falling pound, even though they, personally, fervently wish the UK could stay in the EU.

Responses to the online surveys are flooding in. The balance of opinion shifts every day, but so far 65% of people who have responded say they expect Brexit to have a negative effect on their business. 35% of businesses report that the falling value of sterling will have a positive effect on their trade.

The Event takes place on Thursday 17th November, 18:30 at Shaw House, Newbury, RG14 2DR, RSVP.

Anyone wishing to reserve a seat should write to Judith Bunting at judith.bunting@wbld.org.uk or by post at NWB Liberal Democrats, Commercial House, 53B Kingsbridge Road, Newbury, RG14 6DY.

Or just turn up on the night – we are not gong to turn you away.

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