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west-berkshireIt is good to read about West Berkshire Councils’ plan to invest in our local community, but given Richard Benyon MP and his Conservative colleagues on the Council have held power for so long, do you not find it just a bit galling that they are only just taking action? Whatever, we have to be pleased they have finally listened to Liberal Democrat reason.

Since the beginning of this year, myself and the Liberal Democrat Council team have been pushing hard for the Council and our MP to take a more ambitious approach to managing local authority funding (see links below) and providing examples of Councils elsewhere who are making the investment approach work. The£150m asset management plan developed by Eastleigh Council, run by Cllr Keith House and the Lib Dems, has enabled 13 years of real term cuts in council tax and no front line service cuts.

With examples like this to follow, it is good news that WBC is entering into a multi-million pound joint commercial property venture with the Greenham Common Trust (GCT). If well managed, letting these properties will provide an additional income stream to help pay for much-needed public services and take the pressure .

Congratulations and thanks are due to the Greenham Common Trust for enabling this investment. 

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