Community Counts


West Berkshire Council is run by a Conservative majority. Newbury constituency is represented by a Conservative MP. The time has come to resist in practical terms the brutal cuts being made to our services, facilities and support for young people and children that are being made in Westminster and managed so inefficiently by the Council, here.

The best way to stop the rot is to join with the Liberal Democrats, to support our local campaigning and by standing to take a Council position in your area, wherever you live across West Berkshire. We welcome community activists and well as people who passionately support the Liberal Democrat cause.

If you have views to share or issues I can help you with, or if you would like to get involved, please get in touch.


This is the extent of West Berkshire. If you live within the red line, you are eligible to stand for Council. If you work within the red line you may be eligible to stand for Council:


For comparison, this is Newbury Constituency, the only difference is that the Eastern most part of the Council area is not included:


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