Campaign HQ Open!


Campaign HQ: Central and easy to find with free parking outside. Pop in!

Our campaign HQ is now open at 38a Bartholomew St, Newbury RG14 5LL.

Campaign HQ will be open most days Monday-Saturday until polling day. Please call ahead on 07508 186788 before making a special trip.

Judith’s campaign has received a huge amount of support from both volunteers and donors lately – Volunteer Coordinator Ceinwen Lally says she’s never seen anything like it! If you have an hour or more to spare, come into HQ!

Volunteer jobs to be done:

  • Staffing reception at HQ so we can stay open longer!
  • Clerical support (bundling flyers, stuffing envelopes, etc).
  • Delivering flyers – bundles for local delivery can be collected at HQ and you’ll be given instruction (it’s super easy – just pushing flyers through letterboxes).

Window posters can also be picked up from HQ. If you would like a window poster and can’t get to HQ, please contact the office.

So even if you just have an hour to spare in Newbury, you can help with Judith’s campaign.

See you soon!

Campaign team meeting at Lib Dem Campaign HQ in Newbury
Team meeting at Campaign HQ in Newbury


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