Fire Safety following Grenfell Tower (1): Question to Council

Following the recent tragic events at Grenfell Tower in London, the question of fire safety in our Council owned and controlled buildings in West Berkshire has been raised with me by several residents and local party members. I recently sought reassurances regarding fire safety from West Berkshire Council, with respect to:

  • local schools
  • social and affordable housing developments
  • taller blocks at the Racecourse development
  • the urban village planned for the Market Street area
  • high rise blocks currently being considered for the Stirling Cables site

The question was submitted on June 22nd for the meeting held on Tuesday 4th July. The Council’s response was given by Cllr Hilary Cole.

Fire prevention should not be a political issue. We all want Council residents, tenants, offices and schools to be safe.

I welcome Cllr Cole’s reassurances that West Berkshire Council is working to establish where cladding exists on all Council owned buildings, including our schools, and will be conducting a precautionary survey of any cladding identified.  I look forward to hearing the results of Cllr Cole’s investigations.  This is critical, even for low-rise buildings.

We must ensure that we have robust systems in place to prevent such a tragic event happening here.

The Council’s response can be read in full here.

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