Environment: Lib Dem form

If you want strong representation on environmental and other green issues in Europe, please read the post below. Where the environment is concerned, we have form:

While in government Liberal Democrats doubled renewable energy generation in the UK and planted 1 million trees. We extended the coastal path and set up the zero energy homes initiative. 

Read on for more information about the amazing work done by Ed Davey and the team on renewable energy and the environment, 2010 – 2012:

Renewable Energy and Environmental Action

Under Ed Davey’s determined stewardship as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, 2012 – 2015, somewhat to the consternation of conservatives such as Owen Paterson and George Osborne, the UK saw a massive investment in renewables and general toughening of environmentally protective policies.

Key facts:

  • Electricity generation from renewable sources doubled.
  • Renewable energy supplied 15% of the UK’s electricity, when the Liberal Democrats left government in 2015.
  • The average annual investment in renewables more than doubled 2012 – 2015.    
  • 2013, alone, saw £8bn investment in renewables.
  • Overall, a record, £37bn was secured for investment renewable-sourced electricity.
  • Solar PV investment 2011 – 2013 = £6.4 billion. Rather wonderfully, the cost of solar installation halved, 2010 – 2015.
  • Biomass and Bioenergy 2010 – 2013 = £6.3bn investment.
  • We supported carbon capture and storage research to the tune of £1bn – not bad for research funding.  
  • We established the world’s first Green Investment Bank
  • The Liberal Democrats led Europe to agree a new more ambitious EU-wide climate change target
  • We planted more than 1 million trees.
  • We halted Conservative plans to scrap Natural England and give up on the England Coast Path.
  • We secured safe funding for the coastal project.

European Elections 2019

If you are a Green supporter, in the European Elections 2019 please lend the Liberal Democrats your vote.

I hate to ask this, but our track record shows how we care about the environment. We are more likely to #StopBrexit and achieve change if we can focus the vote on one party.

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