Crowd funding, the3million and electoral chaos

Yesterday I met with the British in Europe Group to talk over what will happen to the 1.3m Britons living in Europe if Boris Johnson goes ahead with a no deal Brexit. This situation is a living nightmare for so many people. British and EU citizens abroad are being used as bargaining chips without regard for their lives, their families or their children.
Many people have set up cross-border families and working lives in good faith and are now left in a worrying situation. No deal will rip families apart, shred basic rights, and destroy lives.
Thousands and thousands of EU citizens were unable to vote in the European elections in May, and the #deniedmyvote movement highlighted a national scandal. As a group of MEPs we have called on the Venice Commission for intervention over this electoral chaos. Our Government has ruled out a public inquiry, but the group the3Million is crowd funding a legal challenge to take them to court.  
With only 7 days left please share, donate and get involved if you are able to. 

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