#StopBrexit- the view from College Green on Wednesday

London on Wednesday; when Boris Johnson announced he was suspending Parliament, was extraordinary. Word spread on social media that people were gathering on College Green at 5:30 but we never imagined the numbers that would gather.

Arriving with my London Lib Dem colleagues, MEPs Dinesh Dhamija, Luisa Porritt and Irina von Wiese (pictured above), it was great to see flags and banners of all parties (except for Conservative) and none. The European Movement was well represented. It was great to see familiar faces from Berkshire for Europe underneath some of the flags.

At College Green, we heard from Green Remainers, Labour Remainers and I took to the stage myself to make the point that Johnson cannot be allowed to stifle the words of the people, the will of the people. He has suspended Parliament in a childish and cowardly fashion to close down debate among our MPs. But THEY represent US. WE voted for THEM. An attack on Parliament is an attack on the people. When Johnson shuts down Parliament, he shuts down the people.

This is not a Britain that I recognise.

The crowd, however, was fantastic. Varied in age, style and political persuasion, but everyone of one mind that we must defend British democracy.

This was a spontaneous Remain Alliance of thousands, marching together from College Green to Parliament Square then Downing Street. Then someone – inspired – called “Take it to the bridge” and the evening with finished with a final surge past the Whitehall War Memorial and on to Westminster Bridge.

The British people cannot let rich rogues like Johnson trash the UK for the sake of ego and American investments.

Stick with us, we can and will #StopBrexit.

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