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Judith and Catherine MEPs for the South East of England are excited to share some of the very real benefits and investments being offered to Apprentices through schemes funded by the European Parliament through a trip arranged to Brussels. 
The trip is for 18-25 year-old apprentices to uncover the opportunities that are available to them in Europe. The Erasmus+ scheme has helped hundreds of thousands of young apprentices experience short work placements and education exchanges in other European countries since 2014.
The current climate is uncertain, but, however Brexit is resolved, Europe will remain our nearest geographical trading partner and therefore we need to make sure that businesses remain informed and interconnected.

This trip is an important chance to meet other Apprentices and ask questions of key MEPs and European Commission staff who are making decisions around future business and on the job training investments that will impact you and your Apprentices.
To apply, get permission from your employer or place of study for the time out of the course and then fill out the application form. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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