Voices from the Family of #StopBrexit

Throughout my time traveling across the South East and through various European Hubs as part of this role as MEP, there are people who have heartened me, inspired me and also challenged me to keep fighting for the #StopBrexit family.

I wanted to introduce you to a few of them….

Chris from #remainernow spoke at one of the events that I went to in the South West during conference. The team were also exhibiting at the conference, and I know they were then moving on to the Labour conference afterwards. His is a broad church. The important point for themovement is that people CAN change their minds and should be supported when doing so. People chose many reasons to vote leave in 2016, a lot of people have researched the realities of a No Deal and of Leaving the EU and have chosen to make a change in their view and support a Peoples Vote on the final deal. He highlights that those who do change their mind need a safe space to do that without attracting negativity.

#RemainerNow have successfully built a vibrant and passionate community of people willing to say they’ve changed their mind. Its activism has been broad, engaging in everything from signing petitions, media appearances and speaking directly to MPs. It has cultivated a vast following on social media, with over 37,000 followers on Twitter and 6,000 on Facebook. It also runs a podcast where, each week, a different Leaver-turned-Remainer tells their own stories and encourage others to do the same. These kinds of stories are enormously important as they remind us that we can achieve so much more when we engage in open dialogue and embrace a wide range of beliefs in pursuit of common ground.

Having taken social media by storm, its aim now is to take to the streets and go door-to-door, speaking to the people whose futures are at stake. But to achieve all of this, they need your help! You can find out how to support #RemainerNow at remainernow.com.

Our Future, Our Choice (OFOC) is an organisation which believes that there is simply no good Brexit deal for young people. For the past few years it has been campaigning tirelessly for the next generation to be given a say on the decision that will affect them long after the rest of us are gone! After all, let’s not forget, young people voted overwhelmingly to remain in the referendum. It is committed to a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal to ensure future generations are not left facing less opportunity, a tougher job market and fewer rights.

I was fortunate enough to recently meet Chief Spokesperson, Femi. He’s been working endlessly to spread the message and gather as much support as possible across a variety of different broadcast platforms. A law-graduate, he’s been able to bring some much-needed fact-based evidence to a debate sorely lacking in it. It’s vital that we continue to meet and work alongside like-minded individuals such as Femi. The Remain family may contain many different voices and badges, but only by working together can we achieve the result we all desire.

The final person that I want to introduce you to is Madeleina Kay (EUSupergirl) I have met with her a couple of times as I have spoken around the South East. She exudes passion for Europe and being European throughout her speeches and music. She has campaigned tirelessly up and down the country at a range of Remain campaign events and anti-Brexit demonstrations. Using her creative talents she has published children’s books as well as writing and performing a number of songs in support of the Europe.

Her work saw her recognised as the ‘Young European of the Year’ in 2018 by the European Parliament and awarded the Young Talent Prize in 2017 by the Great British Postcard Competition. She’s amassed an impressive following on her Twitter account, with over 30,000 followers and has appeared regularly on platforms such as the BBC, Euronews and Channel 4. Madeleina is a crucial part of our fight to remain in the EU. She is helping to shine a light on all that is good in the EU, and all that we stand to lose if we sever our ties with our closest and oldest allies. Her creativity and vibrancy are helping to cultivate exactly the kind of excitement and positivity that the fight to Remain must be rooted in.

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