Liberal Democrat South East MEP condemns Leave.EU’s xenophobic tweet

Judith Bunting MEP has responded to the Pro-Brexit group’s controversial tweet, in which German Chancellor Merkel was labelled a ‘kraut’. Aaron Banks, the organisation’s co-founder, has today apologised, following widespread backlash.

Judith says: “Like many others, I was shocked, saddened and slightly sickened when I saw Leave.EU’s xenophobic tweet including a photo of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel. Our country is divided, that’s for sure, but for a political organisation to post such nationalistic propaganda shames us all.

“This is not a version of the UK that I recognise, nor is it the one that we should strive to be. Whatever happens on October 31st, and I certainly hope we Remain, we will need our closest allies more than ever. Now is the time to be building bridges and strengthening ties, not reverting to slogans and insults.

“Leave.EU’s apology is welcome, but as a country we urgently need to bring an end to the toxic political rhetoric that’s taken over. That is why we need a People’s Vote to give the 46 million+ voters a chance to decide between Johnson’s deal and remaining in the EU.”

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