Best wishes at the end of an eventful 2019

A quick festive message to say:

THANK YOU to all of you for following my journey this year and to everyone who has worked so hard to try and halt Brexit over the past few, weeks, months and years.

The result of this month’s General Election is sad and frustrating. It does not bear true witness to the fantastic people who have worked so hard, nor the number of people who are well aware that the path the UK is now on will not be good for most people. That said, I have never wanted to be more wrong.

Over the next few weeks I remain your elected representative and will continue to feedback what is happening in Brussels. If you have a specific question about how Brexit will affect you and your situation, please ask. Many of the answers will lie in the control of Johnson’s government, but I will answer what I can or guide you to the advice that is available through the EU.

In January negotiations will continue on items that impact the UK such as Horizon 2020, Driver Laws and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which puts millions of pounds into British business and universities. I will highlight these as they come up and I hope will help equip you with useful background.

Do not give up heart. The UK is still a great place and I believe that we can do great things together. During the past 6 months I have met so many amazing people throughout the South East and beyond, you are the best and I look forward to working alongside you in the future.

Merry Christmas!  

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