Final Message

I feel so fortunate to have had this incredible opportunity to represent my constituents as MEP for the South East of England.🧡

I’m so sorry I was unable to do more, particularly with regards to stopping Brexit, however I remain proud of what myself and my fabulous MEP colleagues were able to achieve in the short space of time we had. Whether that’s promoting the Erasmus+ scheme 📚, working to improve legislation around European innovation and research 🔭 or championing the fight against wildlife trafficking 🐘, I know that we’ve made the most of our time here in Brussels. 🇪🇺

Brexit means that the UK has no MEPs and that our voices are lost when decisions are made that will affect us all. However, rest assured that Liberal Democrats will continue to hold the UK government to account at every stage of this process, starting with the future relationship negotiations which begin in February. 👍

To be as effective as possible, we need EVERYONE to get involved. Whether that’s writing to your MP or engaging with your local party branch, the more voices we can amplify and activists we can galvanise, the better. 🙌

Thank you!

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