Exceptional coronavirus support measures of benefit to EU regions

Just published:

You may be interested to see the latest Background Briefing from the European Parliamentary Research Service, regarding support for and the situation in member states (excluding UK). Published 20th May 2020.

Be warned, this is proper background, not sexy political communications.

“The measures introduced have the scope to provide local and regional authorities with the support they need to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Through its direct involvement, the EU has a unique opportunity to show that not only is it an organisation that is united in diversity but that, when put to the test, it is united in adversity as well.

The European Parliament has meanwhile demonstrated quick reflexes by adopting urgent legislation in record time and securing amendments to the proposals put forward by the European Commission.” 

The briefing includes:

* New measures to tackle health, financial & social crisis
* Sector-specific measures
* European Parliament
* Advisory bodies
* Stakeholders
* Outlook


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