Encouraging innovation and technical talent – my European swansong

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Today, my work in Europe is nearly complete. The European Parliament committee gave its final vote in favour of an “opinion” for which I was responsible before the UK’s MEPs’ untimely exit from Brussels. I was working with advisers assessing amendments from all parties until the last hour of my last working day.

In the next month or so, the subject goes to full parliamentary Plenary session as part of the bill entitled “The Strategic Innovation Agenda for the European Innovation and Technology Institute (EIT), to encourage innovation and talent and European innovative capacity” – a sweet mouthful that concerns strategy and funding for an amazing institution for the next 7 years.

It also includes, with my strong support, a proposal for a new branch of the EIT to support technical innovation in the cultural and creative sectors.

This is excellent news for science, tech, innovation and media production across EU 27. It’s just a shame the UK will not be there to enjoy the benefits.

Huge thanks go to my @RenewEurope colleague Vlad Botos MEP for taking the work on after we were hauled away from Europe on January 31st. 


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