Ed Davey is elected leader of the Liberal Democrats

This is the BBC NEWS report on the election of Ed Davey as Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Photo, AFP.

Sir Ed Davey has been elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, beating fellow MP Layla Moran to the top job.

Read the full BBC News report, here.

He has served as energy and climate change secretary, received an award for a life-saving act of heroism, almost became a spy – and Ed Balls used to copy his homework.

But how did the economist rise to be head of the Liberal Democrats and can he turn round the fortunes of his ailing party?

Born in Nottinghamshire, to solicitor John and teacher Nina, Sir Ed has described his childhood as happy and stable.

However, he was only four when his father died and still in his teens when his mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The task of caring for their sick mother largely fell to the young Ed and his elder brother. She died when he was 15.

Speaking to the Nick Robinson Political Thinking podcast, he said that losing both parents at a young age made him “quite independent”.

“I remember after my mum died that summer going back to our house by myself and thinking about studying – previously I had studied to make my mum happy, now I had to make that decision for myself,” he said.

The young Ed attended Nottingham High School, which he described as a “public school with a lot of Tory bias but also a lot of free thinking and people reading the Guardian”.

Read the full BBC NEWS report, here. 

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