Lib Dems will continue to fight for the rule of law

Speaking after last night’s votes on the Internal Market Bill, where 255 MPs voted against the Government breaking international law, Liberal Democrat Business Spokesperson Sarah Olney Said:

“Liberal Democrat and MPs from the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland took a clear stand for the rule of law and for stability in Northern Ireland against Boris Johnson’s tactics to violate the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

“With members across the house joining to stand for what’s right and voting against the Government, Boris Johnson must take this as a clear message: there is no consensus in Parliament about his disregard for the rule of law and the UK’s international standing.

“Liberal Democrats will continue to hold the Government to account and work across party lines to protect the UK’s interests.”

Amendment 41 tabled in the name of Stephen Farry MP (Alliance) sought to provide a safeguard so that any actions with respect to the Bill are consistent with existing international and domestic law, including the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It received 255 votes for and 346 against.

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