Lib Dems vote against Coronavirus Act due to “watered down” care provision

The Liberal Democrats voted against the Coronavirus Act yesterday, because of the Prime Minister’s failure to reverse the reductions in rights to care for vulnerable people, particularly the disabled.

To save lives through this pandemic, the Liberal Democrats have supported and continue to support all necessary measures to keep people safe – including the lockdowns and face-covering requirements. 

However, we should all have deep reservations about the serious implications for people’s wellbeing, rights and freedoms. Most alarming is the watering down of care for elderly, disabled and vulnerable people. That is a red line issue.

Imagine what this lack of care has meant for those children and their families. On top of all the other hardships of lockdown, having the lifeline of caring support cut off completely. 

The Liberal Democrats appealed to the Prime Minister to listen and heed the legal advice, but he has refused.

Liberal Democrat MPs were therefore unable to vote for an Act that fails to care for the most vulnerable, sees people wrongfully charged, and gives Ministers a blank cheque.

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