Are you a woman and interested in politics?

The Campaign for Gender Balance (CGB) exists to develop and support women interested in standing for public office within the Liberal Democrats. 

Former MEP for the South East of England, Judith Bunting, said:

“When I first wondered about whether to get involved in politics, I picked up the phone and spoke to the CGB. They were terrific, offered sensible, practical advice, no pressure.

Having decided to get stuck in, Candy and the CGB team became amazing friends and mentors – and they could for you, as well. 

If you are inspired by the US election, but want to bring down the average age of politicians, if you know you could do a better job running your local community that the current crop of Councillors, if you have always secretly wanted to take all comers in a political debate – please send a message to the email address, below.” 

CGB organises some of the party’s best training which includes Inspiration Days and Future Women MPs’ Weekends.

CGB also offers approval and selection mentoring for any woman interested in kick-starting their candidate journey. Want to find out more? Email us at


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