Carbon Capture – Radio Show and Brilliant Interview

Carbon Dioxide CO2 is already being used as a raw material to make fuel, cement and other building materials.
Recently, I had the chance to speak with climate scientist, Celia Sapart, from CO2 Value Europe, a ‘think and do tank’ that brings together companies working on different aspects of CCU, all across Europe.
Celia is a great interviewee and expert climate scientist in her own right. Please share this post with your environmentally-interested friends. 
* If you worry about the cost and efficiency of reusing CO2, please listen, we talk about it.
* If you think everything would be better off going electric – tune in, Celia explains why that’s hard.
* And if you are one of those still silently wondering how we can be sure that human activities are causing the problem, we talk about that too – including how the Romans contributed to global warming.
PLEASE NOTE: This is an interview from Kennet Radio and the recording begins with local adverts and include music from Talking Heads, Simply Red and Eminem, among others.

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