Brexit export fiasco: Lib Dems call on PM to meet businesses now

Today a new poll by YouGov/HSBC has found that 42% of British exporters said the exit from the single market and customs union has had a “negative impact” on their business
Responding to these findings, Sarah Olney MP, Liberal Democrats spokesperson for Business, Trade, and Transport, said:
“Boris Johnson has betrayed British business in his bodged Brexit deal. These new findings serve as a harsh reminder that this Government showed no interest in securing a trade deal which would work for the British people. It was a deal signed purely out of political self-interest.  
“I call on Boris Johnson to meet with British exporters, particularly small businesses, struggling with his new regime of red tape and listen to their concerns. The Government must own up to their mistakes and rectify them immediately, or else risk further economic pain as we seek to recover from the pandemic”

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