Heartbreaking death stats reveal ‘abject failure’ on protecting disabled


New figures from the Office for National Statistics show disabled people make up 60% of all COVID-19 related deaths.

Updated estimates of coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths, published today, show that there were 30,296 Covid-related deaths of disabled people between 24th January and 20th November 2020 – 60% of all Covid-related deaths in that period.

Responding to these new figures from the Office for National Statistics, Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson Wera Hobhouse MP said:

“It is heartbreaking that so many disabled people have died during this pandemic. They have been hit particularly hard in so many ways, but they and their carers are still too often forgotten and ignored by people in power.

“Far too many lives have been lost because of Ministers’ abject failure to protect people in care homes. The Prime Minister must set up an independent public inquiry without further delay, so we can learn the lessons and prevent more unnecessary deaths.

“The Government must urgently do far more to protect disabled people’s health, including making sure they and their carers are vaccinated as quickly as possible.

“We must ensure that no one is left behind when restrictions are lifted, especially those who have been shielding and alone for almost a year.”

The updated estimates from the Office for National Statistics, is available here.

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