Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London addresses London Chamber of Commerce

This week, Luisa Porritt, Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor, 2021, set out her priorities to the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Clear that she will be a pro-business Mayor, Luisa complemented London business for the positive attitude so many have kept up during the past, difficult year:

“Businesses have proven they care about their role in society. They’ve stepped up to keep people safe, and are showing that true Londoner spirit by supporting their local communities when they need it most.

Here in my area, I asked local restaurants to help provide meals for families living in temporary accommodation when the Government refused to provide free school meals – none of them hesitated, even when their margins were squeezed.”

She went on to emphasise the powerful interconnection that exists between business, enterprise and wider society and how we all depend on each other:

“The private, public and voluntary sectors don’t exist in isolation. We can recover and take London forward together, creating hope and opportunity for everyone.”

Looking to the future, she called for a Green recovery and stressed the importance for young people of making London an affordable place to live. 

As a former MEP for London, Luisa also joined members of London Chamber in her determination to continuing to fight for a strong connection between London and the European Union:

“Finally, we can’t talk about challenges facing London without acknowledging the self-inflicted economic disaster that is Brexit.

The Government’s paper-thin deal doesn’t meet the needs of our services sector-based economy, and the red tape businesses now have to deal with is another cost they don’t need.

The impact on finance, music and fashion alone show we should be in the Single Market and the Customs Union.

Without a deal on equivalence for our financial services sector, we will continue losing out to Amsterdam and other capitals.

Our capital and our country’s recovery depends on it, because the City contributes more than 10% of the Treasury’s annual tax take.

Without visa-free touring for our musicians and artists, they can’t keep sharing their amazing work across Europe.

Without reducing barriers to trade, instead of putting them up, designers can’t easily make and sell their products, which depend on integrated supply chains and no burdensome import and export costs.

As a former MEP for London, I know the value of our relationship with the EU, and that’s why I’ll always put all my energy into fighting for a strong relationship with the EU for London.”


Speech given by Luisa Porritt to London Chamber of Commerce

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