Furlough extension: Compensate rent for small businesses on the brink

Christine Jardine MP, Treasury Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, responded to the Government reportedly planning to extend the furlough jobs scheme until September.

The Liberal Democrats are proposing a German style revenue loss scheme to compensate small businesses for fixed costs incurred during the pandemic.*

Christine Jardine MP, called on the Government to go much further than extending the jobs furlough:

“We are facing a once in a generation shock to our economy and we need a recovery which works for small businesses and the millions of people they employ.

“We need a clear long term strategy to support people out of this, and not just another knee jerk reaction to extend furlough, when it’s not for long enough or in a way that suits small businesses who need help most.

“They are drowning in rent costs and may not see trade return to normal for months to come. That’s why we need a “furlough for small businesses” scheme, compensating them for the revenue they are losing through no fault of their own – so they can keep creating jobs after the pandemic. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the Chancellor must wake up to their urgent need for help.

“Small businesses from hairdressers to florists and gift shops are on the brink and if the Chancellor does not offer bold solutions, then millions of people and families who have already suffered too much could  pay the price.”

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