“My interest in education came from my parents. Mum was a school secretary, Dad was a Mechanical Engineering teacher at Peterborough Technical College. Through them I saw the benefits of education at all levels, in particular apprenticeships that offered real hands-on experience. They taught me, and I still firmly believe, that Education is the way to have choices about your future and to have some control over your own life.

“I am passionate about the opportunities offered to people of all ages through combining training, the workplace and experiencing other cultures. As Liberal Democrats we have always promoted closer links and exchanges across Europe.

Apprenticeships for over 25s

Apprenticeship schemes do not limit learning to the young and offer a chance for all to change the direction of their career and their future. These schemes are helping the UK develop a highly skilled and experienced workforce and give employers access to employees who have experienced the world of work. To read more

The European Erasmus Plus Scheme is open to students studying at University as well as those doing Vocational and Educational Training (VET) and adds the fun of experiencing life in a different country to an Educational and Workplace experience. A new European apprenticeship scheme has been piloted recently and will bring similar benefits to UK apprentices. Opportunities like this must not be lost.

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