To apply for the trip, click here

To be eligible for this trip Apprentices need to have:

1) Submitted their application form including personal statement via written/ video format by 18:00 on 20/09/2019

2) A valid Passport with more than 6 months of time remaining on it on 17th October 2019 (end date no earlier than 18 April 2020)

3) Valid travel insurance for 15th/16th October. Please do not book this until your place on the trip is confirmed.

4) Ability to get to Reading or Guildford Train station (our hub points)  to meet up with the groups for onward, paid for, travel.

5) Support from their Employer and place of study to attend as the visit will take place over 2 working days. Employers and Apprentices need to have funds of £50 per head for the trip. The rest of the cost of travel/accommodation and food is covered by a subsidy from the European Parliament. 

There are a limited number of places on the trip and we are trying to ensure a wide spectrum of Apprenticeships being represented. Final places will be confirmed on 27/09/2019 with further details about the trip being communicated at this point.