What the Government says about Apprenticeships

Theresa May’s negotiated withdrawal agreement included a guarantee to continue with the Erasmus+ scheme and associated funding until 2027. This meant that businesses and apprentices could plan ahead. Since this deal was rejected by the current Prime Minister we no longer have any agreement that arrangements under the Erasmus+ scheme will be honoured.

If you are an apprentice or student on the Erasmus+ placement scheme and are due to start in September 2019, you need to register to protect your funding. The UK government will honour the funding if we leave without a deal on 31.10.2019 but only if you are pre-registered. The guidance for organisations and businesses already involve in Erasmus+ programmes is located here.   

Judith says; “For the good of the UK and every one of us who lives here, we must stop Brexit. It is unclear what tis planned to support young people in the face of a no deal Brexit. Brexit is Bonkers and needs to be stopped.”



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