Hustings update

LOCAL NEWS: Last week saw parliamentary candidates in our constituency taking part in the Hungerford Question Time, always an important staging post in election campaigning. The usual suspects were on the panel, with Paul from the Green Party replacing UKIP Katherine who was indisposed. Proceedings were well chaired by Greg Furr. Questions ranged from rail electrification (supported … Continue reading Hustings update

Equality Matters

EQUALITY MATTERS: Extreme inequality in the UK kicked off in the eighties with the Big Bang and the Loadsamoney mentality. I don't want to penalise those who do well, but I never got with the Greed is Good programme ...

Stop the Cuts to Children’s Services

Please Sign the Petition to Stop the Cuts: The formal consultation period finishes on Friday 8th January - that's tomorrow. Please sign now. West Berkshire Council is proposing to cut another £168,000 from specialist services currently provided for vulnerable young people. These cuts come on top of the £253,000 cut from services to vulnerable young people … Continue reading Stop the Cuts to Children’s Services

THANK YOU – Petition against Cuts to Youth Mental Health Services

HUGE THANKS go out to everyone who stopped to sign the petition in Northbrook Street in Newbury today. The petition is against the cuts proposed by the Council in West Berkshire to Mental Health Services for children and adolescents. The petition will keep running for a few months and will be available online soon. Our … Continue reading THANK YOU – Petition against Cuts to Youth Mental Health Services

Remembrance Sunday: The Poppy Factory

                 REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: Remembrance Sunday seems a nice time to share photos from the visit I made earlier this year to the Poppy Factory, with Stephanie Steevenson of Thatcham's British Legion. If you haven't visited The Poppy Factory, I do heartily recommend it. This is where so many of the poppies … Continue reading Remembrance Sunday: The Poppy Factory

Cuts to the Disabled Students’ Allowance

  In the recent reshuffle David Willetts has been succeeded as Minister for Universities and Science by Dr Greg Clark, whose portfolio also includes a Cabinet Office cities and constitution brief, which is a worrying dilution of attention. I will be writing to Greg Clark to ask him to scrap the recent changes to the Disabled Students Allowance.  … Continue reading Cuts to the Disabled Students’ Allowance

Dyslexia in West Berkshire

 I was delighted to join with dyslexia specialist, Jacqui Flisher (below) to organise the Dyslexia - The Big Picture event at Sheepdrove, recently. Many thanks to everyone who came along. The evening kicked off with a showing of James Redford's documentary, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia and this was followed by a panel discussion. It … Continue reading Dyslexia in West Berkshire