Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat

While in government the Lib Dem team has put through some of the most common sense, socially democratic policies this country has seen for a generation.  If I am elected to Westminster, whether we are in Coalition with Labour or Tories or no one, I will work with our team to do more of the same.  … Continue reading Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat

Lib Dems will cut youth unemployment

Above: With Courtney from Thatcham, an apprentice at the Thatcham Automotive Academy, which trains youngsters from across the UK for the motor repair and insurance industries. The Liberal Democrats aim to see an extra 100,000 young adults into work through on the job training such as an apprenticeship or full-time education. This week, Nick Clegg outlined a plan which … Continue reading Lib Dems will cut youth unemployment

BUSINESS Backs Lib Dems …

Today the Financial Times published a letter from UK business leaders with an uncompromising heading: To have the Lib Dems back in government is in the whole country’s interests I have extracted a few excerpts from the letter, below. If you would like to read it in full, please go to: You will have to … Continue reading BUSINESS Backs Lib Dems …

Tory attitude to housing is a scandal.

Today the Conservative party announced plans to extend the right to buy to Housing Association properties. This proposal will lead to longer waiting lists for homes and fewer social houses. In February 2015, 1,092 qualifying households were on the Common Housing Register for West Berkshire. 1,569 non-qualifying households were also on the list. I know, I checked … Continue reading Tory attitude to housing is a scandal.

Let me tell you a story … Tax Cut for 45,000 people in West Berks

Raising the amount we earn before we start paying any tax is a key Lib Dem policy. The changes we have made in government mean our kids now don't pay tax until they earn £10,000. After April this year, it will be £10,500. By the time the election hits, it will mean people hardest hit by austerity … Continue reading Let me tell you a story … Tax Cut for 45,000 people in West Berks

Hustings update

LOCAL NEWS: Last week saw parliamentary candidates in our constituency taking part in the Hungerford Question Time, always an important staging post in election campaigning. The usual suspects were on the panel, with Paul from the Green Party replacing UKIP Katherine who was indisposed. Proceedings were well chaired by Greg Furr. Questions ranged from rail electrification (supported … Continue reading Hustings update

Green in Government

Under Ed Davey's determined stewardship in the department of energy, somewhat to the consternation of conservatives such as Michael Fallon and George Osborne, there has been massive investment in renewables: Electricity generation from renewable sources has doubled since 2010 and now supplies 15% of the UK’s electricity. The average annual investment in renewables has more than … Continue reading Green in Government

Tax Dodging – actions taken in government

I've had a lot of correspondence about Tax Dodging and thought it might be helpful to share my response more widely. Letter to constituents: The vast majority of people and businesses in the UK pay their taxes on time and in full, but there are always some who try to get away without paying their … Continue reading Tax Dodging – actions taken in government

Equality Matters

EQUALITY MATTERS: Extreme inequality in the UK kicked off in the eighties with the Big Bang and the Loadsamoney mentality. I don't want to penalise those who do well, but I never got with the Greed is Good programme ...

Stop the Cuts to Children’s Services

Please Sign the Petition to Stop the Cuts: The formal consultation period finishes on Friday 8th January - that's tomorrow. Please sign now. West Berkshire Council is proposing to cut another £168,000 from specialist services currently provided for vulnerable young people. These cuts come on top of the £253,000 cut from services to vulnerable young people … Continue reading Stop the Cuts to Children’s Services