Don’t Scrap Green Homes Grant, Lib Dems tell Chancellor

  Ahead of Wednesday’s budget Wera Hobhouse MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Climate Emergency, has written to the Chancellor imploring him not to scrap the Green Homes Grant scheme. According to reports the Government is to withdraw funding for the scheme that aims to support people in retrofitting their homes to cut bills and reduce emissions. … Continue reading Don’t Scrap Green Homes Grant, Lib Dems tell Chancellor

Carbon Capture – Radio Show and Brilliant Interview

CARBON CAPTURE and UTILISATION (CCU):   Carbon Dioxide CO2 is already being used as a raw material to make fuel, cement and other building materials.   This is a remarkable advance in our fight against climate change.    Recently, I had the chance to speak with climate scientist, Celia Sapart, from CO2 Value Europe, a … Continue reading Carbon Capture – Radio Show and Brilliant Interview

Climate Emergency Plenary Speech

As a British MEP, I am proud to be part of a sovereign nation, that works alongside our partners in Europe to tackle climate change. Throughout Europe, governments and local councils have been declaring a climate emergency. But today, this parliament became the very first parliament in the world to declare a climate emergency across … Continue reading Climate Emergency Plenary Speech

Dirty Air Knows No Borders

Judith Bunting MEP, in European Parliament, delivering her speech to the European Parliament on Climate Change.

Giving my maiden speech in plenary at the European Parliament, I addressed the Clean Air debate. Air pollution directly causes both chronic and serious diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular problems and lung cancer. Ill health caused by air pollution costs the economy billions in lost working days. Causing 400,000 premature deaths per year in Europe … Continue reading Dirty Air Knows No Borders

Animal Welfare

Britain is a nation of animal lovers and I am proud to count myself among that number.   Liberal Democrats believe in the highest standards of animal welfare. We will ensure that animal cruelty offences are given stronger penalties, ban caged hens, clamp down on illegal pet imports, improve standards of animal health and welfare … Continue reading Animal Welfare

Thatcham Quarry – do you have questions?

I will be sending questions to Grundon Sand and Gravel and the owners of Waterside Farm. Any residents who would like me to submit questions on their behalf are welcome to contact me at:

Lib Dems call for bus/rail interchange

Lib Dems call for bus/rail interchange as part of new Market Street development at Newbury Station Getting a good transport system up and running is a strange operation where you have to put time and effort into putting the cart firmly before the horse. No one is going to promise - or even be tempted - to … Continue reading Lib Dems call for bus/rail interchange

Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat

While in government the Lib Dem team has put through some of the most common sense, socially democratic policies this country has seen for a generation.  If I am elected to Westminster, whether we are in Coalition with Labour or Tories or no one, I will work with our team to do more of the same.  … Continue reading Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat

Green in Government

If you support the environment and green policies, please have a read of the post below. While in government Liberal Democrats doubled renewable energy generation in the UK and planted 1 million trees,  extended the coastal path and set up nationwide schemes to promote home insulation.  Read on for more information about the achievements of Ed Davey … Continue reading Green in Government