Mending the Safety Net – speech to conference

At the 2016 Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference, Judith Bunting, Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, spoke up in the debate about the radical reform of welfare and benefits proposed in the social security policy paper, Mending the Safety Ne Her speech can be heard, below:   #LDConf #LibDemFightback 

Join us for an optimistic, tolerant Britain If you would like to become part of the Liberal Democrats and fight for an open, optimistic, liberal, diverse, and tolerant Britain, please click here and join us: The outrage around the country, since the EU referendum, has grown not just because Remain lost. If the Brexit camp had come forward with a prompt, … Continue reading Join us for an optimistic, tolerant Britain

Age Ready Britain in Rural Communities

This article is based on the speech I gave at the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference, 7th October 2014 I would be glad to hear any comments or suggestions people have to make, after reading. Judith Bunting, Parliamentary Candidate Age Ready Britain in Rural Communities 7th October 2014 AGE READY BRITAIN in RURAL COMMUNITIES Wherever they … Continue reading Age Ready Britain in Rural Communities

Speech: 3% for Science

Brief summary of Judith Bunting's speech to conference, September 2012   I am here to support Julian Huppert's campaign to ring fence the science budget and for a 3% above inflation increase for the next 15 years. That this proposed increase seems large, goes to show how low research funding in the UK is right now. It … Continue reading Speech: 3% for Science