This is where my weekly Blogs about life as an MEP can be found. I like to keep everyone updated with the things that I see and do and the Committees that I am a part of.

I split my time between Brussels, Strasbourg and South East England. If there are any events that you are hosting where you would like to hear more about my work within CULT and the ongoing campaign to #StopBrexit then please do make contact; and one of my team will be in touch.

Week 24: Goodbye to Strasbourg

Week 23: And the work goes on….

Week 22: Commissioners, Budget and Europe Wide Climate Emergency

Week 21: EU4U positives that the EU brings us

Week 20: Culture, Innovation and Toppling walls

Judith with Chung Dong Young. Member of the Korean National Assembly and Chair of the Korean EU Interparliamentary Group

Week 19: History, Diplomacy and Korean travels

week 18: Strasbourg and the Commons vote on the Withdrawal Act Bill 

Week 17: Parliament, Protests and Apprentice trip to Brussels

Week 16: Brussels, Swinson and a week of #StopBrexit visitors

Week 15: Interviews, Interrogations and a week of #Education

Week 14: Committees, Supreme Decisions and a Presidency

Week 13: Debates, Dogs and Demonstrations

Week 12: Conference, Chuka and more money for Erasmus

Week 11: Parliament, Police and Proroguing

MEPLife: Starter for 10

Week 9- There and Back Again: a MEPLife


Week 8- Bunting Talks Business in Chesham