Crowd funding, the3million and electoral chaos

Yesterday I met with the British in Europe Group to talk over what will happen to the 1.3m Britons living in Europe if Boris Johnson goes ahead with a no deal Brexit. This situation is a living nightmare for so many people. British and EU citizens abroad are being used as bargaining chips without regard for their lives, their families or their children.
Many people have set up cross-border families and working lives in good faith and are now left in a worrying situation. No deal will rip families apart, shred basic rights, and destroy lives.
Thousands and thousands of EU citizens were unable to vote in the European elections in May, and the #deniedmyvote movement highlighted a national scandal. As a group of MEPs we have called on the Venice Commission for intervention over this electoral chaos. Our Government has ruled out a public inquiry, but the group the3Million is crowd funding a legal challenge to take them to court.  
With only 7 days left please share, donate and get involved if you are able to. 

Judith Bunting MEP joins group in call for urgent intervention over electoral chaos – #deniedmyvote

Newly elected MEP, Judith Bunting, has added her name to the cross-party group of MEPS who have written to the Venice Commission, (the European Commission for Democracy through Law), asking for an urgent intervention into declining democratic standards in the UK. 

Swathes of people who live and work in the United Kingdom were denied their right to have their say in the recent European Elections, and this denial of democracy cannot go unnoticed. 

Judith Bunting MEP says: “The problems faced by EU citizens in the recent Euro Elections, along with declining democratic standards that we’ve seen recently in the UK, is concerning. I am glad to join with this cross-party group of UK MEPs to deliver this letter to asking the Venice Commission urgently to investigate.”



The five key points for inquiry are:

  • Breach of spending rules and data-protection laws during the EU referendum in June 2016.
  • Exclusion of non-UK EU citizens residing in the UK from the franchise for the EU referendum.
  • The UK government’s approach to the recent European Elections, involving delayed planning resulting in increased pressure on electoral services departments of local authorities.
  • The disenfranchisement of UK citizens resident in other EU countries whose postal votes did not arrive in time.
  • The disenfranchisement of non-UK EU citizens due to the newly introduced two-step registration process. 

The group of MEPs, is not convinced that our existing government has either the will or the capacity to address these issues. This cross party action, led by Molly Scott Cato MEP and Catherine Bearder MEP, highlights that electoral integrity must come before any party politics.