MEP Life 18- Strasbourg and the Commons vote on Withdrawal Act Bill (WAB)

Hello and welcome to MEP Life 18! After the joy of the People’s Vote march, I was off to Strasbourg on Monday for the monthly plenary session, where all MEPs come together to determine Parliament’s position on political issues and vote on the legislative work done in committees. The debates and votes can be found … Continue reading MEP Life 18- Strasbourg and the Commons vote on Withdrawal Act Bill (WAB)

Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2019

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can stop Brexit through a People’s Vote. We can stay as a leading force in the European Union, shaping its future with our MEPs sitting at the decision table. READ the full Lib Dem Manifesto for General Election 2019, here. We passionately believe that Britain is stronger … Continue reading Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2019

Message to voters in Newbury and West Berkshire

#YourVoiceMatters This General Election is the Best Thing for Britain. It Gives us a Chance for Change. The Conservatives are hell bent on a ‘hard Brexit’. We now understand the future of our country is at stake. The national press suggests that the number of Leave voters who still want to exit from Europe is … Continue reading Message to voters in Newbury and West Berkshire

BUSINESS Backs Lib Dems …

Today the Financial Times published a letter from UK business leaders with an uncompromising heading: To have the Lib Dems back in government is in the whole country’s interests I have extracted a few excerpts from the letter, below. If you would like to read it in full, please go to: You will have to … Continue reading BUSINESS Backs Lib Dems …

Protecting Education

[polldaddy poll=8757362] The Liberal Democrats will protect public spending on education to build a fairer society that offers opportunity to all. Lib Dem members have agreed to protect the education budget, in real terms, from cradle to college, including schools, early years and the Department for Education's 16-19 budget. The Party will also extend the … Continue reading Protecting Education