Message to voters in Newbury and West Berkshire


This General Election is the Best Thing for Britain.
It Gives us a Chance for Change.

The Conservatives are hell bent on a ‘hard Brexit’. We now understand the future of our country is at stake. The national press suggests that the number of Leave voters who still want to exit from Europe is shrinking:

  • ‘Leave’ voters who did not realise Brexit could lead to the break up of the UK.
  • People who chose not to vote who now regret that decision.
  • ‘Leave’ voters who feel they were lied to during the Referendum Campaign.
  • 17 year olds who have had a birthday since last June and now want a say in their own future.

Add these to the 48% who feel the narrow margin of victory last June is being casually disregarded. Yes, this general election is the best thing that could happen to the UK right now.

If you want to stop a hard Brexit, you need an MP who will fight for you.

  • If you are a Remain Tory voter, please lend me your vote for this election.
  • If you are a Labour voter who does not want to leave the single market, please support us.
  • If you are angry at the potential break up of the UK, vote for us.
  • If you want to live in a country which is open, tolerant and united, vote with us.


If you would like to join our local campaign team to work to stop this hard #Brexit in its tracks, please write to us at

If you would like to join the Liberal Democrats – it only takes two minutes: 


Speech: 3% for Science

Brief summary of Judith Bunting’s speech to conference, September 2012



I am here to support Julian Huppert’s campaign to ring fence the science budget and for a 3% above inflation increase for the next 15 years.

That this proposed increase seems large, goes to show how low research funding in the UK is right now. It will take 15 years of 3% annual increases for research funding in the UK to get even close to Germany’s funding for science, as a percentage of GDP.

According to a Wellcome Trust report published back in 2006, every pound invested in medical research generates a of 30p per year – and that’s ongoing, so 30p this year, and next, and so on for a very long time.  (Wellcome Trust, MRC and Academy of Medical Sciences).

If we want a healthy economy, we need a healthy scientific research base to underpin invention and development in the UK.

Britain is today a world leader in science and technology. Scientific research underpins UK innovation, industry and employment. It also plays a huge role in our exports and the investment we attract to these shores.  Maintaining this leadership requires investment and I call on the government to ring fence the science budget and commit to a 3% above inflation increase for the next 15 years.