Message to voters in Newbury and West Berkshire

#YourVoiceMatters This General Election is the Best Thing for Britain. It Gives us a Chance for Change. The Conservatives are hell bent on a ‘hard Brexit’. We now understand the future of our country is at stake. The national press suggests that the number of Leave voters who still want to exit from Europe is … Continue reading Message to voters in Newbury and West Berkshire

Judith Bunting voices Brexit fears for West Berkshire

“Many small and medium enterprises do not trade with Europe directly, but almost all depend on supply chains that in turn depend on the EU." Judith Bunting and Liberal Democrats in Newbury and West Berkshire are calling on the Conservative Government to ensure Britain has full access to the European Single Market when Brexit takes … Continue reading Judith Bunting voices Brexit fears for West Berkshire

Mending the Safety Net – speech to conference

At the 2016 Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference, Judith Bunting, Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, spoke up in the debate about the radical reform of welfare and benefits proposed in the social security policy paper, Mending the Safety Ne Her speech can be heard, below:   #LDConf #LibDemFightback 

Lib Dem Policies – Delivered

I thought I would share my personal list of policies that were included in our 2010 Manifesto and have been delivered by the Lib Dems in Government.It’s a wonderful list, including some of the most socially democratic policies this country has seen for a generation. Not bad for 57 MPs. Investing nearly £1 billion to crack down … Continue reading Lib Dem Policies – Delivered

Lib Dem Manifesto 2015 – in full

The Liberal Democrat Manifesto for 2015 is published today. Our top priority is a World Class Education for all. This will underpin future economic security and ensure everyone gets the best start in life.

Equality Matters

EQUALITY MATTERS: Extreme inequality in the UK kicked off in the eighties with the Big Bang and the Loadsamoney mentality. I don't want to penalise those who do well, but I never got with the Greed is Good programme ...