Judith is passionate about standing up for local business, small and large. She is determined that local organisations should not pay the price of a rushed Brexit.

We need an MP in Newbury who will represent the people of this area.

Judith wants Newbury to be an exciting place to bring businesses and to work, not just drift into being some kind of “commuterville” for Reading and London, as she fears is the Tory aim for the area.

Judith values the rich cultural and rural heritage we have in the Newbury area and sees fantastic potential for us to build on our established platform as a high-tech and cultural hub. West Berkshire also has the sharp, modern, advanced heritage of being the location of hugely successful and world leading companies in digital, medical and renewables industries. Judith wants to see Newbury and West Berkshire building on this heritage and nurturing the small business and start-up sector locally.

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For the sake of the local economy, #ItsGotToBeJudith